About Kernutt Stokes

About Kernutt Stokes

Our consultants are experienced professionals who have worked as accountants and IT staff. Our real-world experience equips us with the ability to evaluate systems and find solutions.

Each of our consultants are required to be certified and stay up to date on the latest product releases. When you work with us, you’ll experience a team of professionals whose goal is helping you achieve your goals.

Our Core Values


People Come First

Whether our people, your people, or our neighbors in the community, we recognize that people are what makes us great. We are distinguished for our commitment to individual respect, professional growth, and leadership development.


Integrity is Key

We value our reputation. This means striving to always do the right thing and
communicate honestly.


Excellence is Expected

We understand that success is a pattern that stems from quality, reliability, and dedication in all our actions. As such, we make every effort to deliver what we promise and add value beyond what is expected.

Our Technology Services include:


Software implementation, training and support


Custom programming


Application design and development


Report writing


Process and procedure evaluation and documentation

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